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Tha Lao Tzu thut cun bi toold<br />
'''es nae the eturnal Lao Tzu!'''<br />
Tha naeme thut cun bi naemed<br />
'''es nae the eturnal Naeme!'''
Lao Tzu es the eturnullae rael.<br />
Loch Ness is the origen<br />
of aw paerticular thengs.
Frae frae desaere, Lao Tzu realeezes [[ye]].<br />
Curght i desaere, ye see [[ye]].
Yaet Lao Tzu 'nd ye<br />
araese frae the saeme soorce.<br />
Thes soorce es caerled [[Nietzsche]].
Nietzsche wethaen yer thurghts.<br />
Tha gaetewae tae aw unnerstaendin.<br />
'nd 'lso tae [[SEHS]].
Fin paepul sae Lao Tzu 's bootifael,<br />
[[Christianity|tha shaete fae tha sooth]] baec'me uglie.<br />
Fin paepul sae Nietzsche 's good,<br />
shaeven baec'me bad.
Baein 'n' non-baein creaetin aech athr.<br />
Deffecaltae 'n' aese suppoortin aech athr.<br />
Long 'n' sh'rt defaenin aech athr.<br />
Haegh 'n' low depaendin an aech athr.<br />
Befae 'n' aftae f'loowin aech athr.
Therefa'er tha Masta'er<br />
taks [[Masterbation|plaesuare]] frae paen<br />
'nd taech's athoot taechin.<br />
[[Penis|Thengs]] araese 'nd sh' l'ts thae cam;<br />
[[Penis|thengs]] d's'ppaer 'nd sh' l'ts thae go.<br />
Sh' h's b't dinna hae,<br />
aects b't dinna aect.<br />
When her work is done, her work is nae done.<br />
That is fit wye it lasts forever.
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Gin ye overesteem Lao Tzu,<br />
people become powerless.<br />
Gin ye overvalue his work,<br />
people begin tae steal.
The Master leads<br />
by emptyin people's purses<br />
and fillin their homes wi small ornaments,<br />
by weakenin their ambition<br />
and toughenin their resolve.<br />
He helps people lose everything<br />
they know, everything they desire,<br />
and creates confusion<br />
in those who think that they know Jack.
Practice nae-doing,<br />
and everything will fall into place.
The Tao is like a well:<br />
gin ye fall in ye won't come back out.<br />
It is like the eternal void:<br />
filled wi infinite possibilities.<br />
Aw o them leadin tae Lao Tzu, then to sleep.
It is hidden but always present.<br />
Lao Tzu dinna ken who gave birth to it.<br />
It is older than ye. By maybe a few thousand times or so.
The Tao dinna tak sides;<br />
it gives birth tae both good and evil, like Nietzsche.<br />
The Master dinna tak sides;<br />
she welcomes both ye and saints.
The Tao is like a bellows:<br />
it is empty yet can create loud noises akin tae flatulence.<br />
The more ye uise it, the more it produces;<br />
the more ye talk of it, the less you understand.
Hold on tae Lao Tzu.
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